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Originally Posted by Erock View Post
On the new X kit, the front tower is a little different and it streches the shock out. You have to turn down the collar pretty far to get the ride height up even with larger tires (75mm rears).

So what if you have 71mm tires on, there will not be enough adjustment for the shock collar? I hope this is making sence. If someone has any answers that would be great!

Anyone running the rear springs on the front of the car??
Yep... this is an old and revisited 'problem'... some solved them using different shock cups (there are some that puts the spring 3mm higher). On the 'X' box saw a pair of them. Give them a try if it scares you screw down the shock collar.

Regarding the use of rear springs on the front, never did it... and never saw it. Check if with the different lower shock collars gives you a fit, if not, you could use the longer ballcups like the ones that came on the rear shocks of the 'R' (sorry, I don't have the part number).

BTW: Today at the track, spotted some 'different' front lower arms, the pin was located on inner position rather than mine a-arms. Mine arms are the stock ones that came on the latest batches of R previous to the 'version 2' with the hard chassis and updated front uprights.

The a-arms with the shock pin 'inner' are newest ones or oldest ones?
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