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Originally Posted by Erock View Post
On the new X kit, the front tower is a little different and it streches the shock out. You have to turn down the collar pretty far to get the ride height up even with larger tires (75mm rears).

So what if you have 71mm tires on, there will not be enough adjustment for the shock collar? I hope this is making sence. If someone has any answers that would be great!

Anyone running the rear springs on the front of the car??
You should not run out of room on the shock with those size tires. So far running 68mm front tires there is not problem with 7mm ride height. I usually set my car up with 68/75 and then if I want to run smaller tires I just leave the shock collars in the same place I just have a lower ride height. If the track is really bumpy I will give myself a little more ride height when using small tires by turning the shock collars down and readjusting the droop.

One thing I did notice compare to the R is I used to screw the shock bottoms all the way on but with the X to get -1 droop I had to make the shocks longer by turning out the bottom of the shock eyelets.

Don't run the rear springs on the front because the rear spring rate is much softer than the front springs even though the wire and color are the same.

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