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Someone explain this to me,I have an older XXX-S and been upgrading it to G+ XXX-S status. Setup is basically the same for the G+ but the springs were Black upfront with Silver or lower in the rear.

Car will either have a slight push with softer springs or have a bad hook with harder springs,no happy medium yet. But today while testing I changed springs to blues all around and noticed the car had a slight push so just for gigles I tired a set of greens and the damn car ran like it was on railroad tracks.

Tires selection has been screwy,some nights HPI 33r with yokomo firm open cell insert on proline 26mm rims or CS 22 or CS 27s. Today the 33rs were pushing real bad and got rid of them and had nothing left but a set of CS27s so gave them a try. Found out I have been trying to setup my car to two different types of tires,I know better now.

So why would my car all of a sudden work with the blue/green combo but the black/silver do not,one would think harder in front with same or softer in rear is the way to go. So why would this POS go against normal thinking?

Oh and something else the setup was causing the left front tire to have a 5* to 10* temperature higher than any other tire (most of the turns are right hand turns) but now three corners have a 85* race temp with the left front having an 86*,so something is working for a change,hehehehe. And to think I'm the only person at my track running the losi in expert,all others are TC3s.
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