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I don't sell tornado or anything else so take this for what its worth.
1. I have Tornado that was purchased last year and opened it this year. I have had zero problems.
2. There is nothing I have ever tested and I have tried them all!!!! that makes the power this stuff does. You do an honest back to back test and you will be convinced. I don't know why it runs harder as theres nothing special in it(Maybe thats it, its not loaded with every additive known to man) but it just does. I've been doing hand tuned race engines for 25 years and I would bet you a nickle on a 12 motor its a 10% increase over anything I've ever run.
3. Its expensive because it is shipped from europe into canada and then to the USA but its consistant can to can and it works.
4. I was skeptical but not any more.
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