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Originally Posted by doriftu View Post
let us know how the sushi tires perform?

u can try they will ship from HK.

I will give an intense review of it, no doubt

I'm buying:

- $50 duratrax piranha charger,
- $40 intellect 4200mAh nimh batt (piranha will charge this right?)
- $4 55T spur (can only find the single one online at tower)
- ~$9 24/25T pinion at LHS
- ~$6 alum prop at LHS
- $? rims at LHS (for drift tires... good idea?)
- $? basher body... not sure, maybe later? (looking for a cheap one, I love my bmw body! it's the same car as the one I totalled )
- ~$5 ceramic grease at LHS

hmm what else...
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