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Default Strange problem with crt.5 flywheel.

So I was assembling my CRT.5 last night and I ran into a bit of a problem. It looks like the flywheel thickness is too small for the length of the flywheel collet. Once I put the flywheel on my engine the collet comes up even with the front surface of the flywheel. When I try and tighten the shaft nut down it cant cuz it hits the collet face.

I used the collet that came with my JLR Red dot engine. There was another collet that came with the truck but the Inside diameter of that collet was too big for my engine shaft.

Should I try and find another collet thats got a shorter length or try a thicker flywheel? And just incase you were wondering, I didnt strip out the inside of the flywheel where the collet contacts the flywheel.

Any help is greatly appreciated
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