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Hi Evad, I don't know much about peak gearing, but I would suggest gearing a little lower than the 55:25 gearing everyone suggests for an all around gearing. If your track has many twists and turns, then I would gear lower, since the TT-01 is hard enough to turn as is... What kind of class is it?

You're going to want your differential as open as possible for those turns, since I have heard and noticed that the TT-01's turning radius isn't that great. If you can afford it, get some lowered springs that are around 0.9 inches and stiff. If you're on a track you're going to need the responsiveness of stiff springs, and the lower stance will stick the weight of the car where you want it.

Someone should give you a suggestion about oil filled dampers, since I have no experience in that realm either. But I believe light oil is what you want for stiffer springs, and heavier oil for soft springs.

Tires: what kind of track is it? Carpet, pavement, etc? All around though foams should be your best bet. If you're really serious about trying to win at this track, get a very high grip but low life foam.

There are tons of things you can buy for the car to make it a racing machine. Just read up in this forum about tuning, I learned a lot that way. And also, play with your car.

If you can, go to the track and experiment. If you don't like something about the handling, write it down. For Example, if you're getting oversteer out of the corner, try softening springs in the back. If you feel your turning radius could be better, you could fiddle around with toe out in the front (since that's the only thing you can adjust on this thing without buying extra arms etc.

If you bring your problems here, I am sure lots of people can help you. I feel like I have a good grasp of the physics of it all, but I could be wrong. Anyone feel free to correct any and all of the mistakes above if any.
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