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Originally Posted by Mooshu Beef View Post
ABS Is definitely the cheapest way to go. Although you'll need to cut it yourself unless you buy some ABS tires off ebay, they last forever.

Sushi drift tires sells his through ebay. He rounds the edges too, which helps in the look/uniformity of the tire. They go for pretty cheap too

Those Yokomo tires I hear are very good, but the rings wear out. I wouldn't let that discourage you though, because they should drift really well.
hey thanks mooshu, those sushi drift tires here look nice... they come with 3 sets too for so cheap! buy you say they'll last long so, I guess I might not need 3 sets

with these sushi drift ABS tires, can I still drive the car normally or will it skid out all the time?? just wondering

those Yokomo tires look tempting too, because if they drift much better, I won't mind spending the extra cash..

one more question, what's a good pinnion/spur to get for drifting? I would guess that I'd still want good acceleration but higher top speed. someone suggested 25/55, but that was for top speed I think..
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