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Originally Posted by SWTour View Post
I use the original style AMBrc decoder on USB and LOVE that thing...

My basic issues w/ the AUTOSCORE program -

MY Program FREEZES up if I use the feature to show the actual line up for the main, instead of the numerical order. Plus the PRINTER defaut, alway having to remember to change the paper setting from .5 " bottom margin to .25" EVERY time you go out of the program...and if you forget the program becomes a paper whore...and prints a separate sheet w/ just the event name.

I would also like to be able to change the paper size to LEGAL for short track racing so ALL the results would fit on ONE sheet.

I run into a couple other issues once in a while...but other than that, I LOVE the AUTOSCORE PRO for WINDOWS programs ease of printing to FILE, SAVING TO FILE, and retrieving results and practice lap times from file and the ability to put the stuff online.
Good suggestions for AS...have you posted them on their suggestions forums? They often encorporate suggestions quite quickly.
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