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Originally Posted by Mason View Post
rcsp, there's only 2 things that annoy me about it, 1 is functional the other is a labelling issue. if you signed every one up and decide to change the race length for a class, you can't just go back and change the class settings. The race length is stored with the event entry - so you must know some sql to update that.
Not true ..... I just did what you say is not possible to do without knowing SQL this weekend. Entered all my drvers, setup my heats, when main time came round I checked my race lengths and my Nitro TC was set to 30 min and not the 45 min that we had discussed in our drivers meeting. I ust went into the classes tab, changed my race length to 45 and it was done. I've also done the same when we changed from 4 min oval to 5 min oval the first race day we did so.

Originally Posted by Mason View Post
the other one is when you set up the mains, if you change the car count from what you have in the class setup - it will label the print out to "1/2 odd" instead of keeping "B MAIN" or whatever..
I really don't understand this statement. But I don't even pay attention to my main car count in the tracks tab, unless it's nitro for bump ups. I just adjust car count as need on the fly in the mains setup screen and when I print I have no problems with the printout doinf anything other than printing my main the exact way I set it up.

Mason .... maybe this was your experience with RCSP but I can tell you after running over 100 club races, a dozen or so multi day events, 3 or 4 region 12 races, and 3 ROAR nationals you will not find a better race managment software. Can you reach tech support on a cell phone any time of day? The longest I've ever waited was 15 or so minutes for a return call. I've even sent him data on the fly (via email) and resolved issues and the racers didn't even know it. Can you do any of that with Ally Cat, Autoscore, JLap or any of the other lower cost scoring alternatives. With these other alternatives you'll have to know someone localy that has experience to help you out. I'm fairly computer literate and I had no problems figuring it out on my own and a little bit of coaching from Doug.

CaliberX ...... Robert V is right, if you can't afford it right now, get one of the freewares, save your money and buy RCSP. You don't need the $1000 nationals version, yes it has all the bells and whistles, but unless you plan on trying to host a national you really don't need them all. I know Doug offers his software in a couple of packages at different price levels, have you tried talking to him about the software? You may want to hive him a call, get a demo version and try it out. That is what I did and I've never looked back. His number is ..... if you need it PM me and I'll get it to you.
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