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correct, i do. They are GPM derlin gears (white plastic) and the cam housing is made of steel.

Now, problem.........

I tried them out at the canberra track on the weekend and for some reason i kept stripping the gears are few laps, not just grinding the teeth, but literally chopping then to bits! I thought it was a mesh problem but a friend who also has the gears did the same thing, and it was only the second gear. also, the steel cam housing still wears out like the original gears but not as quick.

With the standard black gears from kyosho, i got about 6 runs (5mins each) before the gear changes missed and started getting inconsistent, but with the GPM gears, i got about 10 runs with no problems until the gear stripped.

I find no problem with the first gear but the second gear is the one giving me dramas. I still use the GPM for the 1st but i use the modded kyosho for the second.

I have a feeling that the gears arent quite the same size and dont mesh up exact which is the main cause. Another reason may be because of over powering the car with big motors - i have an OS12CV-RX 1hp in it which may be another cause also but being a derlin gear, it should take the power as it is a stronger material.

If anyone is interested in trying out the gears let me know as i will have a few next week. Some people that have them have had no problems and they swear by them, i guess im just unlucky.
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