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I run the Cyclone WCE and it is more expensive that most kits but that is because it comes with everything, one way, spool, full swaybars, center one way pulley etc. These are things that you have to purchase extra for other kits.

The xray is a very well equipped car and they have carpet and rubber models. Most kits out there are built for asphalt but these are kits that everyone has converted to carpet (stiffer set up etc). If i had to start over again and I had to purchase a kit and if the cost of the kit is a decision factor, then you can't go wrong with the TC5. You have tons of support and set ups for them already. Xray has tons of information on their kits and great support. AND they probably have the best set up guide in the industry. I use the xray guide for my car.

So it really depends on what you want to have. The serpent, too new for me to make any decisions on. One of the factors that led me to the Cyclone was the fact that they have a servo saver, lords knows that I need it sometimes but some kits don't come with one. This is one of the things that you have to consider when purchasing.

Money wise TC5
Everything included cyclone WCE (world class edition)
great car and support Xray

these are the cars that I see the most.
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