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Originally Posted by kuzo View Post
What I think what would be a more beneficial test is something that will simulate the loads that are placed on a battery in racing conditions - variable. Anything available that is capable of that yet?
That last graph was supposedly taken during an actual race using a telemetry system. I'm not saying it isn't biased, but it seems at least a little more reasonable. I believe the TrakPower cells generally show more voltage than the Orion/Kokam, but with less cycle life.

I received a note recently that TrakPower/Thunderpower is using two different cells, both from Enerland and Saehan-Enertech. I guess the Enerland cells have shown issues with cycle life, while Saehan-Enertech may be superior to even Kokam. It sure would be nice to know what cells you're getting. I'd happily pay a few extra bucks to try specific cells.
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