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Oh I totally agree on the sandbagging part. I mean I am by no means a great great driver, but I am certainly not bad. I race sportsman on most days, and SOME days i could get away with a mid/back pack expert drive. There are a few reasons I stopped racing TCs.

1) No really nice raceways around. I used to race at Ripon speedway and also at the carpet races up in Norcal and ill tell you, between the high drivers stand, great guys running it, and accurate placement of drivers, I had an amazing time every race. And I always just felt like the difference between the win and a 3/4 finish was setup and driving. I never really felt like the equipment speed came into huge play.

When I moved to Socal, and I race at Socal RC, the sportsman are surely NOT sportsman. I cant race novice, because they ARE novice, but I cant race sportsman because they are all locals who know the surface/track and they spend crazy money on their cars. It really just became pathetic when I didnt touch a single dot all race long, and I finished last. I could not have really run a cleaner line/race.

For me, its a balance of money, and a nice track. If I had a REALLY CLEAN nice track with a great layout and surface, I would go even if I finished last. But not only do I not have that because I am sure its very very expensive for raceways to do that, but I dont have the money to keep up with all the sandbaggers.

So I started racing slot cars again.

(unluckily that didnt work out)

So now im sitting at home waiting for the day I can race my beloved rc cars again.

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