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Originally Posted by Turbo Joe View Post
The thing is...they CAN compete with the internet. One of the best places to buy 1/8th scale parts is Carolina's R/C (DOT COM!)...it's a local track with a shop. I haven't heard that they're hurting...and they have pretty good prices.

Lots of the best places to buy on the web are regular-old shops, with regular-old people working there. They've just decided to get into the pool, rather than standing on the edge, bitching about the people that are already in there swimming.
Are you the owner of one of these? Do you know whats going on financially behind the scenes? A LHS that is not a franchise does not have the bulk buying power a online only facility does. You can argue all you want about its feasible to compete with online, but the fact remains they will get less to possibly even negative returns after factoring shipping and distributor markups depending on the product.

I only know of one shop locally that tries to competes head to head with tower and horizon pricing. He even will pay sales tax on the items for the customers. He makes very little on the sales, and mostly keeps the store open because of being a huge Heli fan. Not sure how long he's going to last though as I heard last month he had maxed out his CC'ds.
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