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Originally Posted by SWTour View Post a RACER - I would love to watch the show closely focused on the WRENCHING and the interaction in the pits and on the stand during a race. The intense focus in the eyes of the racers - the FISHING they do with their radios as they corner - the biting of their lip from concentrating so hard - the yelling at corner marshals when THEY crash their car - all of that stuff could be kind of fun drama to put on a split screen with the cars racing around.

You would have to take an event and focus on ONE class - highlight qualifying into about a 3 or 4 minute segment of the show (remember to cover an entire race day in a 1/2 hour program you'd only have 22 minutes roughly of air time) A hour deal would be better - and it would take a ton of good editing to make it interesting for NON r/c people AND r/c people.

I don't remember which show was 'SETUP' I've watched several of the shows on SPEED - and I think the one I liked was one with TOMMY KENDALL (Forza I think)
TK hosted Setup. And I personally liked it a lot. I feel that a simaller approach could be taken to an RC race, such as the one mentioned above. I think that it could work quite well. Just as RC Racing TV (I think thats right) seems to be doing well in the UK.

I think that the best company to approach is Lucas oil. They have their "On the edge" series on Speed. The expose some of the more "obscure" forms of motorsports in the US. Such as trailer racing, school buss racing, and so on. And some of you who watched the "Summer Shootout" series that takes place at Lowes motor speedway for the Legends cars. This is televised on a yearly basis (usually in the off season) on Speed. It has gained a lot of exposure for the Legends Cars since it began. Maybe a simaller series could do the same for RC. Who knows?

At any rate... Rock Paper Scissors is almost as bad as the spelling bee and Magic the Gathering tournaments ESPN shows.... lets see some RC!!!
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