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Default I need help and fast!!!!

Hi everyone,

I'm gonna start racing 1/10th nitro onroad again. Had a serpent impulse like a few years ago, didn't use it that much. But that was 4 years ago and now i want to start again.

The problem is that I don't know which kit to buy. People told me that i need to look at what my lhs carries (parts and stuff) and what people drive at the local track. these are the cars that i'm considering:

1. Kyosho V-One RRR Evo WCE (used almost new roller)
2. HPI R40 Hara Edition (used with everything i would need to drive)
3. Team Magic G4S (new)

They are all the same price.
Which one would you recommend, seeing as though i'm no proffesional driver, but i do have building and somewhat driving experience. I don't want a RS4 RTR or any of those kits, i want something that i can grow with. I'm gonna participate at clubraces on a circuit and then national championships
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