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Originally Posted by edseb View Post
To give you a second opinion, at big races E-man, Big Rigg, and the rest of the so called "19t - mod" crew run stock at these races. This is usually the case for other high level stock guys across the Nation. I don't want to discourage, but I race with those guys all the time, and at the big events we all race stock, but (and this is a big but) at these events the testing is usually over and a different level of racing and experience comes out and even their high level of driving gets taken up a notch. My advice, go to the event and enjoy yourself. It takes more than just driving to do well, it takes experience and a bit of luck. If you take this attitude, you'll have a blast and your racing will definately improve in the long run. Mine has.
good point carl it does seem like everyones driving does step it up a notch
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