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Originally Posted by A-Ko View Post
Like forcing me to bump up to 19t for winning stock. Our rules locally are more run what you brung type. Maybe I should run mod but I like stock and how I can get by in a season on 1 set of tires, 1 motor, the same batteries, etc. . . I hate mod mainly because everything gets torn up and needs to be replaced often. I enjoy working on my cars, not having to buy new stuff every week and being able to race with my friends & buddies during race days. Besides guys that run stock with me are always asking questions in how to be more competitive, which not only elevates their game but mine as well.

First I'm not taking issue what you are pointing out here... but I do have something for you to think about....

The difference in lap time between stock to 19T is about .5 seconds, and 19T to Mod, is .5 seconds, so that is only a 1 second difference between stock on Mod. Not at the local level, but the difference is what it could be...

So 19T is not really that much harder on someone and the equipment... or... you have Stock as you know it as Pro stock, and start a econ class, stick batteries (3300), silver can motor, 32 tires.... for the new person... they could get in to R/C at a good price, and it is cheap to run, and they are learning about the setups.... then move up... My point, the top guys need to get out of Stock at the club level, they are killing the newbie... who the hell wants to go to a track and get their butt hand to them weekend after weekend.... very few people..... and low price class would help them have fun.... That is my point....

I do agree with you on the comments about the wear and tear that mod does... and I can understand you not wanting to run it... In fact in my area, mod is not a class that runs.... It is stock, stock or stock.... (Nitro also) But we need to break up the fast guys from the newbies... so 19T was one idea... but maybe go the other way... a slower stock for them....
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