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[QUOTE=billjacobs;3441871]Most tracks run on a shoestring budget anyway. Several hicups come along and they are gone. The shops that are hobby stores with other product lines are not susceptible to these hicups. These hobby stores are in retail locations and get exposure from the other product lines. Racing has rarely made money and I feel sorry financially for those who put in their time, effort and MONEY into tracks so that others can race for a few dollars. They subsidize racing for everyone else. WHY SHOULD THEY DO THIS?

It is time that tracks stop acting like charities and start acting like businesses. This means:
1) use handout motors for racing
2) use handout tires for racing
3) charge everyone for racing/practice. No one gets a freebie.
4) Raise the price to race to $20 and practice to $10, and make everyone pay it.

I have been saying this for years, racing is actually cheap, you spend a whole day at a shop using up electricity, water, chair space, carpet, computer system and lighting, and all you pay is $12, thats crazy...for tracks to remain, pricing needs to be re-evaluated. If you race an entire day someplace, how can you not think $20-$35 is a fair price to pay.
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