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Originally posted by Novarossi

0% flex.

My friend has constent problems with side belt falling off. Pulleys and belt were replaced numerous times (about 6 times!), problem kept occuring. Replaced centre block, problem fixed.

When you think about it, that centre bearing block plays a major role in supporting the upper deck and determining the overall flex of the car - thats just my opinion.

ace-hobbies is the place I'll most likely get them, there internation shipping charges are reasonable.

Moon - kawahara parts in australia??? where?

Just a FYI,

My friend ran the Kawahara foams last meet, I ran the Fast foams. Both had similar wear, with NO chunking. If anyone can grab hold of the FAST foams, do so. I've been an Arrows man all my life, but after one meet, have sold off all my Arrows. The WC 1/8th Mugen ran 37 Fast tyres F+R just out of interest.
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