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Originally Posted by h8racing View Post
Please tell us more!!!!!!!
I know of a number of brushed motor tuners (including ourselves) that have already been running brushless, getting ahead of the curve, and understanding what exactly the difference is between the fast, smooth, consistent systems, and the alternatives.

This fall, you can expect to see a number of OEM-friendly manufacturers coming to market with brushless motors and controllers that will be offered to the tuning companies. We've already been given the heads up on a number of different offerings.

Personally - I also would not rule out things like custom firmware for controllers from tuners as a complement to the work done on the motors themselves. It will just be a new generation of tuning.

The only thing that has the potential to be a bit ugly is going to be the cost of a top-shelf system. Instead of just tweaking hoods, brushes, magnets, etc. we're going to be looking at rotors, software, controller hardware, and so forth. It's also going to be really difficult to tech, but that's a different thread altogether.
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