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Originally posted by ryan
Sorry, I was confused too since I saw it in my HS listed as 'Torque Sensing Ball Differential' - I guess that was an err on their part. Here is a picture of the diff I've been talking about.

The 'gear side' of the diffs essentially looks just like the stock rear diff on the car. I packed it with the Mugen #30,000 that came with the kit. On the other side there are two black pieces that look very similar to the shoes we have in the Centax clutch, in a "C" shape. Supposedly, it works just like the stock rear-diff, then when it hits a certain RPM, it locks up and works like a solid-rear. I can't easily make out Kawahara's directions, as they are in Japanese, and I'm still unsure of how/if it can be tuned. There are two small holes on the outside of the 'shoe' housing - but they don't appear to be threaded so I don't know if they are for stop-screws (which weren't included in the kit anyways). Wondering if anyone is more familiar with this device.

Oh, as for the Kawahara upper deck - I could've sworn it looked exactly like the one in the picture - didn't know they made two models. It was at Castle Hobbies in San Jose California.
Ryan the K deck is the old one at Castle. Same one I have. The battery on the new one is suppose to be sandwiched between the receiver and the tank for more centered weight distribution.

Did you lube the K clutch diff with anything? Do not use petroleum based oil to lube it.. It will swell the O-ring and tighten up the diff making it really notchy.

I already told Eric V. to tell Ron H to get English translations for all the Kawahara stuff. The 2 shoe clutch type 2 speed is also difficult to understand if you have never put together a Serpent one. PITA for most people.

Do you plan on coming up to Delta on the 11/18? A lot of the RC Tech/Daly City people plan on going. I would like to see how your car performs with the new rear end.
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