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Originally Posted by tony gray View Post
Lucy. my opinions (well as stated on our site anyway) are based on the rules we run here in Australia.

Tamiya recommend using AW grease (in the M03R instructions) and while it works, it does leak out when it heats up so thats why we're not keen on it.

As for diff locking, well it doesnt fit within our rules (or TCS) so it's out. We'd much prefer that everyone just runs normal ball or gear diffs. Level playing field (sorta) then. And isn't that the essence of Mini anyway? In most places diff locking isn't legal - simple as that.

I've had the same ball diff in my car for over 12 months. Adjusted it once (tight) and haven't touched it since...

As for the transmissions, don't worry too much about it. Stating a spin time isnt relevant. There are so many factors involved...

Remember, its just Mini, its supposed to be fun. Sometimes people get too caught up in things and forget that.
hey tony -

I took your sites advice on setup and managed to go from pipe banger to 2nd in the A main. Thanks for the help. I ran the basic setup with the 2 degree rears and still need a just a little more grip and I think I will be set...any suggestions???

I am running the M03M - everything else is set up per your site.....
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