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Default I got mine - WOW

Hello all,
I just joined after reading this entire thread over the last week. You guys are an awsome source of information and sure did stear me in good direction.

I just purchased one week ago the RTR II XXX-S. Out of the box, with a 19 turn and the Novak ESC, it was a serious dog. I noticed the Novak handled 7 cells and up to a 15T motor, so I put both aforementioned items in. What an improvement. I could beat my buddies HPI RS4 3 Evo+ around our parking lot track, but lost badly on a lengthy straight.
Last night I came across a good deal on a new Novak GTB 5.5 brushless motor and controller. Holy S**T, it's faster than my RC18T with the Mamba 6800! The only differance is the XXX-S will actually handle under all conditions. I also installed the Long (Black) belt upgrade and added some Nitro Shoes (foam) tires. I'm a Losi man now!!
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