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Default Question just broke in my NTC3 RTR

Ok i just got my ntc3 rtr my first nitro and it was a beautiful weather so i decided to break my engine with a friend it was 75* F and it wasnt raining perfect justa bit cloudy ok i had trouble at first fuel didnt go through in the carb so i opened the lid a couple of times then it flooded so i took out the plug and filter and emptied it out... ok so i read the break in etc then i got pebbles stuck in my spur gear and then my car wouldnt go and it started to overheat i think so i stoped it and i took them out and i started again well after it started to rain after the 3 tanks of breaking in so i stoped when i got inside i notice that the *clutch*( i think) its about 1 inch between the pinion and the flywheel it turned colors half of it now is blue and half of it is yellow what is my problem i wonder if i did it to hot my engine i made a mistake or something or is this normal car runeed smooth until the pebbles but im curious and worried about what happened? is this a big deal what should i do? what is it? i hoped i explained myself enough any questions feel free to ask i need your help thank you
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