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Default Where to bring my LRP Sphere + Reedy Neo1 Brushless for repair?

I've been having problems with my Neo1 brushless and LRP Sphere ESC. I've heard there's a local place in Socal I can bring it to get diagnostics run on it. Is it Reedy, LRP I bring it to? Any info would help. As far as what the problem is....read on:

I've tried my Neo1 brushless in my Tamiya 415MSX last year, and it ran fine. This year, I pulled it out of storage and tried running it, but something was TERRIBLY wrong. No torque, very slow acceleration, and low top speed. I was geared with a 102 spur and 27 tooth pinion. In the pits, I tried throttling the motor after resetting all the ESC setup procedures, and it sounds fine without any load. Once the car gets on the track, it's slow as a dog, and almost seems like it's accelerating with major turbo-lag. Low speed gets worse after a minute. I believe it's a 13-turn...but it's top speed is slower than a 27t stock motor or silver-can. The only adjustment I've made to the motor itself is I have advanced the timing from 2 to 3. Anyone have any ideas before I bring it in? I'm wondering if it's the motor or the ESC.
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