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Thanks for the advice Corse-R on changing from 9 ports to 7 ports but the problem is that the Novarossi was indeed a 9 port engine but the JP was a 7 port engine.

In defense of your argument though, the JP was a highly tuned 7 port engine so in fact it could be that it was just as weak as the stock 9 port engine.

The thing that keeps me puzzling though is that the engines failed so close together of each other while they are so different. The JP had done only half the mileage of the Novarossi and even the Novarossi hadn't done that much racing. Both engines were only used in national championships and never for simple training. I am afraid it will remain a mystery why they died.

Now I am going to buy the 359 race .21 Plus 2 edition pack. It contains the new 359 race engine and a training engine which also isn't that bad if i hear the rumours.

Hope engine failure leaves me alone in the coming months because if it happens again then the racing season 2007 is over for me. Those things just cost to much money for a non sponsored driver.

One last question though, if you would buy another racing engine today in .21 classe what would you buy (for competing in national championships) ?
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