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Originally Posted by tony gray View Post
M03's stay pretty much the same handling wise no matter how long the heat goes for. RWD cars tend to overheat the rears and then the grip goes away...

Dont go worrying about droop and such right now, its not important. Do the tyre change first and then work from there. Ride height? As low as you can get it.... Say 2-3mm rear, a hint higher at the front.
I disagree with you here Tony (sorry) Seeing as I was the only M04 in the A main @ the TCS North American Finals the one thing I found is that it is critical to limit droop. Maybe not as critical as a touring car, but I found that it makes a huge difference on high speed corners, when you have a good amount of tracion.
The best decision I made that lead to me winning the TCS North American championship was new tires each main. I noticed that the second run on the rear tires the car liked to oversteer, as well as breaking was inconsistant. but new rears and old fronts the car was a dump truck.

Originally Posted by rctouringracer View Post
What exactly do you mean?
Does the drivetrain overheat?
Do think the M03 is better suited for 10min heats?
the car is very finiky and in 10 minutes it will change. So yes
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