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Originally Posted by tony gray View Post
I'm no M04 expert, but my own experiences with our custom M03 RWD have taught me a lot about RWD Minis.
Tyres are CRITICAL... I got our car to work by putting super-softs on the rear (Pit 20) and super hard on the front (RP36). And I think that's a large part of your problem having the same tyres all round.

Off the top of my head I'd stick with the 60D's in the rear, but move to a really soft insert and go to a much harder tyre in front. A normal Tamiya slick (53215) or Super Slick (53222) would help a lot I think.

Your suspension set-up sounds about right. I think tyres will be the solution.
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and 10 minutes might be too long to have a consistant rear drive.
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