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stephen Baker
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This is for carpet w/ foam tires ( I used it at the '03 snowbird nats, the car was absolutly awsome)

Front suspension
Block carriers: 0 deg.
Kickup: 2 deg.
Toe-in/toe-out: 0deg.
Camber: -1.5
Ride height: 5mm
Anti-roll bar: none
Ackerman: ntc3 rack
Shock piston:#2
Shock oil:70wt
Droop: 3
Camber link: upper inner hole
Shock mount: inner hole
* once again I used th rear shock tower up front

Rear suspension
Toe-in: 2deg
camber: -1.5
wheelbase: medium
ride height:5mm
No roll bar
Shock piston: #2
Shock oil: 70
Camber position:
Tower:lower inner hole
Hub: inside hole
shock mount: outside hole

I used jaco double pur. fronts and jaco purple rears
I sauced the whole rear tire and 1/4 the front tire
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