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Hey guys, I'm running a M04 in a sea of M03s and I need some assistance with some handling issues I've working to straighten out. Most the people I'm racing against don't even recognize my car as a Tamiya vehicle. I having a problem with power delivery, in tight corners the rear of the vehicle wants to come around and if I try to counter steer it just gets worse most of the time. The vehicle is fully modded with all TCS legal parts.
Need some suggestions for suspension setup, I've lowered it narrowed the front track & widened the rear track as much as possible, short blue springs in the front & red springs in the rear. 40wt in front and 30wt in the rear. 60D slicks all the way around with firm inserts & installed a TA03 diff.
We run 10 min heats and the M04 does get better after the tires warm up but it is extreme twitchy. Any suggestions would be great!
Now I know the M04 is not nearly as popular as the M03 series but I feel that it can be competitive. IT WOULD TOO EASY TO JUST GET A M03, don't want to have resort to that action!
Thanks in advance
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