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Originally Posted by schreff View Post
Yo Yo Jay!

Well, the 3rd Annual Express Paved On-Road Champs is in the books. Larry Fairtrace and myself had a heck of a weekend. I have to hand it to Larry. We've been working on our setups at Jackson R/C and he hit it last week during practice. As I migrated to his setup, with my own little changes, the car was dialed. Larry's car was better on cooler track temps, mine was better on warmer temps. Larry, thanks again man.

In both Stock and 19t, I TQed and Won. Larry finished 2nd in both as well. A Losi sweep for this weekend.

I will say this.. Last year at the Express race '06, I ran a T2 (obviously before running for Losi). I had an awesome setup on that car and didn't think I could have a "better" car than that. Boy was I wrong. The Type R was soo smooth and holy steering.

As for the setup... if we only had an editable PDF. I'll work on posting it tomorrow. I'll bet money, that when people see the setup, they'll have this face...
Good Job guys! Way to bring it home!!!
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