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Originally Posted by Dasupacat1 View Post
Guys I'm not putting your TC5 down. Looks like a good car. If I didn't run a Losi this would be my pick. Not paying for any over priced car from overseas.
I'm just dislike the fact that mfr's try to market stuff that they say you need when you don't. Like an asphalt car or a carpet car, diff. chassis, decks etc. Can't someone design a car that can do it all?

I can purchase arms at around $7 at my lhs. You pay your $4.95+shipping from stromer. Dunno were $11 came from.
I can frequent any thread I please Corallyman. Nice name
Roach, the type R has it's flaws, like the arms; which have been resolved, but the chassis not being one of them. Never said it was perfect.

nuff said on my part freinds.

Bro, for the price of a TC5 you can not do better... and the TC5 has wins in carpet and asphalt..
It's great to see a new car come out and priced great..
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