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Originally Posted by dbmartin View Post
Ran the car today and it was great right out of the box, couple of minor adjustments from thelke's setup using cs-27's, I turned the front diff into a spool and running a 3.5 novak w/ 5cells. running the itf chassis
My only problem is i fried the outdrives, they melted in the diff and the melted in the spool and are now torched. I only ran the rear diff 3 times before it melted. I rebuilt them the best I could and they should get me thru the last 3 races tommorrow. We run a modified reedy format 6 runs heads up.
Is there a solution for this running mod. I see the aluminum outdrives are avail soon at tower, Were these being used at the reedy race.
has anyone had this problem yet?

Brandon Melton had this problem at the Reedy race and it ended up that his rear diff was not tight enough. Make sure that when you build it you compress the spring with pliers first. Then assemble it, tighten it all the way down and then back it off about 1/4 of a turn. For mod you may only got 1/8-1/4 of a turn out. After he did this he never had another problem.

Good luck tomorrow!! Give Butter hell in Mod!

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