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Originally Posted by Brian Berry View Post

Well no matter if you wanted to sign up for Open or not, 4 guys would not have been enough for a class. We mentioned to the few that signed up for Open that if there wasn't enough we would put them in 200mm, since they had 200mm cars anyway.

As for your name not being on the list, I will have to check with Ted. He controls the list and the entries arrive at his house. We are putting a list together for those who are on the waiting list. This is a case of all the more important to get them in as soon as possible to avoid missing the race. But I will check and see if he has yours yet.
I agree Brian. There would not be enough for the class if just I joined the 'Open'.
But if all that are on the waiting list were to be offered a place in the Open catagory, there may well have been.....................or not as the case maybe.

Don't look too much into it Brian. It was mere dissopointment of not getting in that is all. Maybe I still might end up in the GLC if people do drop out. You never know.
When alot of people you know help you to do something, to go somewhere, without being asked to do so, family, work collegues etc, then you don't go because of yourself not doing something as I did not enter in time. Then you feel as if you let a whole lot of people down. And that is never a nice feeling.

So again, I apologise for my outburst on here. I will still be there. Too much time, effort and money has been shelled out already not to go.

See you all there and good luck to all.

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