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Originally Posted by radar View Post
What TCS race will you be attending? I is there one in the Chicago area soon? I watched you at at the Trackside race the day after you built your car. I thought it got better as the weekend went on. I forget his name, but who was that guy that won the trackside race? He looked real fast. Why didn't you set your car like his was?

If the're is a race comimg to the Chicago area I think I will by one of those f103gt cars and give it a try. Plz let me know.

radar... ping...
Thanks....yeah, I finished the car 2 hours before the event, then I overslept, took 2 hours to drive from Elmhurst to Wi, show up 30 minutes before the main, and used my 1st and 2nd heat as my 1st and 2nd run of the car (practices)...and my 3rd one did improved a lot...and I think I did pretty good for a new car that I have never deal with.

Oh...the person who won that race is Marty Hageman (414MPH is his user name here @ Rctech), he is the F103 guru (original F103 chassis and their later model)..........he drives good and he has all the knowledge about this thing inside and out....of couse I wish I can copy some of his setup and motor tunning skill...but I have only limited of time, and I do rather enjoy the racing instead of pulling my hair and try to get this simple car more complicated.

At least, he told me about the gearing (I was overgeared on the 1st run) and he told me about the BODY modification (cut those cool looking front spoiler off...I did not listen on my 1st run and I paid the price was stuck onto the sandbag/dots once I hit those...LOL).

I don't think there will be ANY TCS race here in Mid West beside least, no local track here (HNH, Harbor....etc) are interested to host any, so there are none in Chicago. I am planning to go to the North America Final @ the Tamiya Track for 1 last time (my 1st and last for sure @ that track..) And I am practicing my GT now [email protected] HNH and Harbor Winthrop tonight (carpet) and practice outdoor @ Leisure Hour Raceway @ Joliet. (Outdoor)
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