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Originally posted by Sydewynder
Moon what are you talking about? You have plenty of time to go shopping. Look at the amount of time you're on the board. You post when you're eating dinner and I know the hobby stores are opened till 8 or 9 pm. Go get HAG some V1R hop ups! Aren't you retired?

Hmmm maybe I should go visit some distant relatives in Australia? Or should I go RC parts shopping in HK? What to do?
I was talking about RC when it was stone age. the 1/8 serpent pan car with only RWD and non-suspension.

I have already retired i.e. i dont participate at any race but just bashing at the track and embarass some sponsored driver once in a while.

I have already hop up my V1R to the point everybody at the track admire it very much so I have plenty of time to talk here !
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