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The 2007 Great Lakes Challenge is just about full. The 1/10th 200mm and 1/8th Masters classes are full. In 1/8th 4WD there are 4 spots open. Those will be filled by the entries in the mail today. A waiting list has been started and would advise those that are in and can not make it, please let us know ASAP so we can inform those on the waiting list that they are in.

The event will be filled to 16 mains (as noted on entry form). It will consist of 2 bump ups per main. 1/8th classes will have 10 + 2 bumps in all mains. In 1/10th classes will have 11 + 2 bump ups.

Ted will be traveling for work over the next couple days. Updates to the entry list probably will not change till then so don't send emails asking if you are in or where you stack up on the waiting list. We will make every attempt to update as soon as possible for all of you.

The 1/10th Open class was cancelled due to low entries. Those signed up in 1/10th Open were moved to 200mm.

It only took just over a month to fill. There are many top dogs signed up for this race and will definately be one of the best races this season!

Here is the latest list as of this morning:

See last posting for list

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