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Originally Posted by Ed237 View Post
I was able to get on line with Forza 2 and its about as good as it gets in virtual racing.

We already have 4 and maybe potential 5 racers out there. The most that can race at one time is 8. Now all we need to do is pick a night & time to race and we can get some sort of virtual league going.

So far:

Ed = Ed237
Chuck = Budweiser 8ight
Jeremy = evenflow76

Icenutz = ?
Snorton = ?

And I know my brother Matt will join in very soon.
Here ya go:

icenutz = icenutz
Joel = icenutz jr
snorton = Snorton20

Lets pick a night next week and have at it!

Only 8 shocks to rebuild and 5 battery packs to charge, see yall tomorrow.

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