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Originally Posted by rcrevolution
TM's ordered
Dude, sorry I didn't see you post this before I gave you Kamikaze's info. Well dude, in the long run I hope you get everything sttled. I have the TM setup station, and it is VERY good for the G4 cars. Not so good for my Serpent 720 though. The wheel hex's on the 720 are about 1mm thinner then the G4S and the nuts that tighten down the setup plates to the axles bottom out and don't snug the plate up against the wheel hexes on the 720. Make sence? So my only gripe with the TM is the issue stated above. Also, they are a bit time consuming to put together (break down and all for putting back in case, Just a lot of parts in my opinion. other then that, the craftsmanship and percision of this set is top of the line. The Hudy is not better in this area. I would say if anything that they are equal. Ok bro, enough rambleing...good luck with whatever you end up with. You could always cancell your TM order if it boiled down to that. But I'm NOT suggesting that, so please don't read into that too much. Just options you still might have is all. Later!!
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