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Originally Posted by razzor
ally looks good
Any noticeable difference in handling or benefits of the new 2007 kit ???
Notice new center top plates.
What else is changed ?
@ razzor: As sosidge has said, the top deck was created with my Dremel The advantages over the one-piece deck are: equal flex from left to right, reduced possibilites of tweak and also easier access to the layshaft/spur gear.
Other things different on my car shown in that picture:
Carbon suspension arms

Aluminium differential upgrade set in the rear

Servo moved to the forward position with a shorter turnbuckle used

Ballstud going into the steering bellcrank has been shimmed up 4mm to provide a more level link between servo and bellcrank

Ackermann plate removed and steering bellcrank screwed into rearward hole underneath the original plate position, shimmed up 3mm to make up for the dissapearance of the plate and an extra 1mm to eliminate bump steer

As you can see, a lot of this deals with the front end steering section of the car.

@zacabrandy, I have tried the 2.5 chassis on asphalt and, despite its increased rigidity, it works perfectly fine on the dusty, bumpy tracks we have in the UK. It is a lot more consistent and predictable than the 2mm chassis on the track.

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