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I think Craps is out of town. I can help some of you guys out.

Chrominator- I haven't seen those chargers, Craps might know more about those.

Those are the batteries that Craps is talking about. The Maxamps will fit in the MF2 tray and get the wires coming out the top corner. The Thunder Power 8000 battery you have a link to is the correct battery but shows the wrong picture of the actual battery. The TP 8000 has the wires coming out the top center of the pack. The TP pack is actually around 48mm wide. You will have to dremmel down the sides of the battery box on the MF2 to get it to fit in. With some dremmel work it will fit in. Here is a link to a TP 8000 http://www.dynamoelectrics.com/detail.aspx?ID=1007. I tried the TrueRC 8000 in my MF1 with dermmeled down sides and it would not fit. You will have to make a home made battery hold down as both packs are taller than a regular NiMh. The TP pack is taller than the Maxamps pack.

I don't store my Li-Po's in anything but a regular plastic battery box (I know I probably should store it in something safer). Any metal type box will work good, an old ammo box or something.

Nitrotruckn- You will want to get the Maxamps with the battery lead coming out the top corner. The Thunder Power pack has the leads coming out the top center of the pack. The TrueRC 6400 looks like a good pack, but I am not sure if it will make 20 minutes with a hotter 6.5 or 5.5 system (and that all depends on track size, track conditions, traction, etc). Any body tired the True RC 6400 with a 6.5 or 5.5 type system?

I'm with Cain on that one. I would keep the same mAh packs for weight and handling of the vehicles.

party_wagon- I used to use a Novak N power, power supply to power my Astro Flight 109 and it is a 10 amp power supply. I was charging my 8000's at 8 amps with no problem.
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