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For the Spool-matter, i put my Xray T2-outdrives in the TOP-one way. After drilling a hole in the one way the hex of the Multidiff fits perfect and we have a very strong spool. To solve the axle-problem (soon to be solved by TOP ) i used my T2-axles with the blades and i didn't have a problem the whole weekend with a 4,5 LRP brushless.

When TOP solves the front they can get out again, but for now i'm happy with my solution.

By the way: the second round of the Dutch Nationals are won this weekend by Jan van Steeg with a TOP Scythe Red Edition. After TQ in the 19T-qualifiers he finished both A-mains with a 10 sec lead. Congrats to Jan and TOP, TQ and win at the first appearance of the Scythe!!


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