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Originally Posted by wizby
Does anyone know if there is a visable difference between the newer stronger arms and the older original rear arms. I just brushed up against the barrier and pushed in the pivot ball. Twice this happened, I had read the early kits had problem arms but the new one I put on doesnt seem any tougher and they are idenical looking. I do know I have an early production kit. So I was expecting the new arm I bought last week from molzer to be tougher.
I had the same problem yesterday at Crystal Park... I was tapped in the rear and when I brought my car in, the pivit ball was pushed all the way in. I had changed that same lower arm last week and was told it was the updated one... It looked the same and had the same part number. I was told the new lower arm would have the same part number on it and that it was the new updated one. After inspection, I couldn't tell the difference between the new updated one and the 2 damaged/destroyed ones that I had kept in my parts box... So I don't know... I did see a package of lower arms with the letter N on them... but I was told they were all the same... I'm sure if there was a difference and a mistake was made, that the hobby shop where I purchased it from will make it alright... In the mean time, I didn't have a spare, so I used some CA glue on the threads and made a track side repair... Didn't have a problem for the rest of the day... but now I'm stuck with that rear toe-in setting...

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