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Originally Posted by Dirt-Racer
Dude, isnt that a little too hot?.

V.nice result indeed but dont you run the risk of damaging your motor and speedo at those temps? perhaps more mounted fans?

Also if i can recall you had ample of power on that thing and is why you were asking tips on how tame it a fraction, did u end up adjusting the slipper?
4300 with a sintered rotor, no way you can run those up to 150 degrees. It wont thermal till 170. 129 is absolutely perfect, especially at 20 minutes.
It was cold when you think about it.

I'm sure the weight was close to what a normal 3800 would be. They didn't tech cars.

My lap times were slightly faster. I was running a 4300 and in the straight they were a hair faster. I was just more consistent I think. I'm going to throw a 5800 in to try soon.
I ran a 5.5 but it was just to much then I added the weight and it came around. To make 5.5 20 minutes it would have to be geared prefect, and I would guess you would have to drive conservatively?
Or do a battery swap? We tried doing a battery swap so we could do it with the 5.5.
We lay'd the truck on the table and swapped the battery the best time we could come up with with out running to packs at once was 55 seconds.

And yes your tip on the camber links and slipper helped a lot.
I put up a thank you in the 5 dollar buckaroo thread
I also played with the weight, I added 40 grams. It was the only way to tame the car with the 5.5 in it. A lot of people were shocked at running 20 minutes with voltage to spare.

More to come.
I'm going to buy a 4 wheel buggy and see if I can keep up with the 1/8th scales.
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