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Originally Posted by glassdoctor
Hey guys... what I'm wondering is how many gas trucks are running in these races and how they are doing. Are the gas trucks competitive????

I'm trying to get this class going at my track this year. We haven't actually had them running yet but I hope to have a few soon.

One of the reasons is to ressurect the gas truck class here... so the ones who wish we still ran them can dust them off and race. Adding the BL/Lipo trucks will help get the entries up and create a class.

But, I'm concerned that the gas trucks won't keep coming back after they get spanked a few times by the electrics. Your track is big so I would think a gas truck would do very well.... ??
The class grew around here by combining them making for better racing for both classes rather than race 3 or 4 of each seperately, we put them together, but please to be fair make a 5 second pit stop in 20 minutes to keep the gas guys happy and besides you don't want to win with an unfair advantage by running non-stop!

Great option to have a club race by combing the 2 classes!
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