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Originally Posted by Taurius
In my opinion, Kyosho doesn't deserve sitting in the second place for a simple reason. Just look at the broken part list ! It may be faster for those drivers, but what is the point of being fast if you can't finnish the race ?
We have been running the same box stock car since Nitro Challenge (February). Silverstate, JBRL, Saturday Series, Norcal, club racing, testing, testing, testing, Maxx Challenge, and next week we will run JBRL round 2 with the same car. We have run several engines in this car, and the chassis is nearly worn through. I would say there is 6 gallons +/- on this car. I took the rear gearbox off last week, and it was full of sand! I sprayed it out, and put a new pinion gear on. We haven't broken anything but a ball end.

The R/C Car test was an anomoly, believe me. Even the testers would tell you that. Besides, clutch bearing?!! lmao, you gotta be kidding me. Half the cars in any Pro A main have Kyosho clutch bearings in them. They are the undisputed king of clutch bearings, with many top pros trusting their 1 hour long mains to ONLY Kyosho bearings...
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