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Originally Posted by mugenlife
i found what they said between both the losi and the mbx5r to be pretty accurate but at the same time i ALSO KNOW that it is driver dependant.
Which is exactly why the article is pointless.

BTW, I read the whole thing, and I realized company reps came to help with setups, but a) they probably weren't completely tuned, unless they changed each cars setup to fit each drivers style and b) the pros aren't always right no matter what...

Originally Posted by Davidka
I can't speak for the other two drivers but I have seen Stephen Bess' name near the top of the results sheets at a few big races. He is a recognized engine tuning athority and would probably smoke 99% of the drivers that frequent this forum in a race. If the laps were a few seconds apart than that's probably as good as it gets at that track.
What about the other two guys...?
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