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Originally Posted by TryHard
When you say rolling, do you mean it phyiscally rolls onto it's roof?
If so, there's two things that can cause this.... too stiff a setup, or too soft a setup. It sounds from description that it's the too soft option causing problems, although what sort of track is it your running on? I'm assuming a high grip asphalt?
If your happy with the balance, and just want to cure the rolling issue, first thing to try is removing the roll bars. This will let you know for certain if it is car being too soft that is the problem. If thats the case, get hold of some stiff bars (you can buy a complete Evo5 set, with soft, med and hard) and use them. Also look into goin up a spring rate all round, Tamiya Blues or HPI silvers are a good choice.


Yeah, it will lean hard then "turtle" on it's roof. I suspect the suspension is too soft. I just put on Blue springs all around and went to stiffer anti roll bars... I'll see this Friday night if that cures the problem.... Thanks for the advise!
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